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Two weeks ago we officially kicked off Wolf’s commitment to donating 15% of sales of Quiet at the Kitchen Door to the Girl Effect by investing $150 in the Blossom Bus Project, a program run by Lotus Outreach that employs local buses in rural India to bring girls to secondary school.  With $150, the Blossom Bus project can provide one girl with transportation to and from school for an entire year.

And this is all thanks to YOU.  When you buy the album, we’re able to donate the money - so WE thank you, the Blossom Bus Project thanks you, and the girls in Mewat, Haryana who are now about to get to school also thank you.  You’re awesome.

 This week, we are excited to announce that we will be donating another $150 to the Solar Sister Girls’ Empowerment ProgramSolar Sister works with girls in rural Uganda to form micro-enterprise clubs.  These amazing gals sell solar lights, thereby not only providing electricity to their communities but also earning money for schools fees.  With $150, Solar Sister will be able to provide a starter business to one girl.
Access to light, technology and business skills provides girls greater opportunity and empowerment and improves quality of life for their communities – all part of the Girl Effect and mission critical for us here at Wolf Larsen.
To buy the record or for more information, please visit our website, ‘like’ Wolf on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

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